PlayStation 3 Repair Leeds

bring your ps3 to the next level.

Problems with your Sony Playstation? At the Console Repair Centre, Leeds all our technicians have in depth knowledge of all Sony's Consoles. From the first ever Playstation right through to the Playstation 4 and everything in between, including all models of PS3. All faults resolved quickly and hassle free.

Over the last 5 years our team of technicians and specialists have become Playstation experts. Our playstation service centre located in Leeds , is fully equipped with world class playstation test and diagnosis systems. We also can boast having most spare parts in stock. This means that your system will be in Professional Hands and will be back with you 100% healthy in no time at all. Console Repair Leeds repairs all models of PlayStation 3, All faults are resolved. To the Left is a list of some of the common issues we see on a day to day basis.

Full Test & Diagnostics - Our Service Centre is equipped with the latest Playstation test and diagnostic equipment allowing us to quickly identify source of fault.
Expert Team - All our Console technicians have in depth knowledge of the Playstation 3 that is second to none.
Very Competitive Rates - We will not be beaten on price and standard of work.

Piece of mind, We are so confident in our work that we offer a guarantee on all our repairs. Our Guarantee includes work done and replaced parts. At the Console Repair Centre we only use original parts. Our workshop is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm just pop in. If you have any questions or don't see what you are looking for just give us a quick call and on of our team will be happy to help

Common Faults

PS3 Not Reading Discs

This is a common issue that is related to the blu-ray laser. The laser may have become miss aligned or most likely worn out. We stock Playstation lasers for all models. Once we have replaced your laser the system will play discs as new. Just drop us a mail if you would like more info.

Won't Turn on - No Power

The best thing to do in this case is to make sure that the problem is not with the power socket itself or the power cable. Try the system with a know good (you know it works) cable and socket. If after that troubleshooting the system still has no power it would seem that there is a internal problem with the systems hardware. We have full test equipment and will be able to resolve this for you in no time at all.

PS3 Freezing

This has to be one of the most annoying problem you can have. It usually starts of happening from time to time then it may become more constant. Nothing worse then playing online and about to complete a game maybe even win and your Playstation freezes. With our specialised equipment we can diagnose this fault and fix the issue for you. You can then rest assured that next time your online that you will get to the end of that all important deathmatch.

System turns off when in use

You may be in the middle of a game on your Playstation 3 and it will decide to turn itself off. The standby light will come on and you will have to restart the system. As with most faults this may start off as an intermittent issues but over time will become more frequent and eventually constant. Just bring the system into our PS3 Repair Centre in Dublin and speak with one of our friendly team.

PS3 Distorted Graphics

While playing games or even looking at a blu-ray movie you start to notice that the frame rate is dropping, its looks like it is stuttering. You may notice that the graphics become corrupted after a long time gaming. This issue is mostly caused by a hardware fault with the graphics chip and sometimes goes hand in hand with overheating. With our Playstation diagnostic equipment we can quickly identified the root cause and repair your Playstation accordingly. As we only replace the components at fault this keeps our rates super competitive.

Green Screen

If you connect your PS3 to your tv via HDMI you just seen a green screen. Sometime you can hear sound sometimes not. If you connect the playstation to your T.V. with a standard SCART connection everything seems to work ok. This issue is related to the Playstation's HDMI output.

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As you may already know the PlayStation 3 in normal conditions does get very hot. Overheating can be the cause or the symptom of an underlining fault. i.e. if the fans fail this would cause the system to overheat. If the system is overheating this may damage other components. Just like a cars engine overheating is a serious problem and must be fixed straight away to avoided further damage. We have specialised equipment to diagnose the cause of the overheating and repair it for you. If you get the on-screen overheating warning it is a good idea to give us a call straight away.

No Sound

The first thing to eliminate is the Software, TV and Cables. Try the PS3 on another TV with a known good cable. If you still have no sound after carrying out these troubleshooting steps you may have a hardware fault with one of the systems internal components. We can fully test the system and one of our PS3 technicians will quickly have it repaired for you.

No Picture

Screen is blank? First of all check all your cables and try a know good TV. Also if possible try different cables. If you still have no picture they you may have a problem with the output port itself or the internal video hardware either way we can repair it for you. We stock most parts so you will be back gaming before you know it.

Hard Drive Failure

All your saved game data and content you download from the Playstation network is stored on the internal hard drive. The size of this drive differs from model to model. We Stock replacement hard drives for all PS3's. We can even upgrade your current drive to a larger one.

Blinking LED's

This list of common faults is only an outline of some of the day to day faults that we see everyday in Console Repair Centre. Most of the LED's and Beep codes can be an indication of many different faults e.g. the yellow LED of death. With the technology we us we can identify the cause of the fault not the symptom. We guarantee all our repairs and parts so you can rest assured your system will be working 100% into the future.

Liquid / Physical Damage

If you are after having a unfortunate accident with your new PS3 Slim you may already know that accidents and physical damage is not covered by warranty. At Console Repair Centre - we can help. Just give us a call our drop us a mail with the details and we will be happy to help.